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To Join Jim

Email: info@jimcaffrey.org
P.O. Box 1496
Elmhurst, IL  60126

Join Jim

My name is Jim Caffrey and I am a candidate for
State Representative in District 47

I am running for this office because I believe that Illinoisans deserve better. Over the last three years our state’s financial situation has gone from bad to worse because we have a Republican Governor and Democratic Legislature who can’t work together. This fiscal strain is driving families out of Illinois. We need new leaders in this state who are able to compromise on solutions to our budget problems.

My priorities will be to pay the billions in overdue bills and resolve our pension crisis so the state has the funding available to invest in education and the restoration of our social service network.

I’m a life-long Democrat, but voters are tired of partisan bickering. As your Representative, I will stand for all of the people in the 47th district, working with Democrats and Republicans alike to make Illinois stronger.

Your support is critical to putting new ideas into action in Springfield.  To get involved, or to share thoughts about making Illinois a better place, please click here.


Jim Caffrey