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Candidate Jim Caffrey and residents throughout the 47th District call on Republican Deanne Mazzochi to denounce the blatant lies being told by the Republican Party of Illinois.

October 22 press release

On the afternoon of Monday, October 22nd the Caffrey campaign began receiving calls and texts from residents about the egregious mailer they had just received from the Republican Party of Illinois. The mailer claimed that Jim Caffrey is the handpicked candidate of Speaker Madigan. The calls and texts continued throughout the evening and into the next morning.

“The residents of the 47th District of Illinois need to be told the truth about why I decided to run for this office and who the incredible people are supporting this campaign with their dollars, hours, and prayers. Not one of them is named Michael Madigan.”

On Wednesday, October 24th at 11:00 a.m. candidate Jim Caffrey and a score of residents from the 47th District are going to try and hold Deanne Mazzochi and her campaign decision makers accountable and demand they publicly denounce the lies being told about Independent Democrat Jim Caffrey.

“It is one thing to suggest something, to lead someone to an opinion, or to try and put doubt in a voters’ mind about your opponent. I get that, this is different. This is blatant lies being propagated onto the voters of Clarendon Hills, Elmhurst, Hinsdale, Oak Brook, Oak Brook Terrace, Western Springs and Westmont” stated Caffrey!

All details for tomorrow’s press conference can be confirmed by calling the Caffrey campaign office at 630.562.6269.

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